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  • July 18, 2019
  • Tips for Identifying and Buying the Perfect Dog Harness

    There are a range of dog harnesses and determining an ideal one for your dog can be a hectic task if you do not know how to go about it. It is a vital dog accessory that you cannot afford to ignore especially when you like taking your dog for a walk. Most dog owners buy any harness they find, but that does not end up well when they realize that it is not suitable. You can welcome recommendations from other dog owners but bear in mind that the harnesses suitable for their dogs must not necessarily be the right fit for yours, and you cannot find one harness that suits all dogs. This article highlights critical issues you should focus on as you select the most appropriate dog harness.

    Choose a harness which can be clipped on to a leash. Harnesses come with different designs, but the best one should be attached to a leash. The leash should have two points of attachment; top and frontal attachment. When the dog is pulling, the owner can use the front attachment to restrain it and change to the top attachment when the dog stops pulling.

    Select an adjustable harness. A one size harness is not the best because it does not provide an allowance when the dog grows. This means that in the future as your dog grows, you will spend a lot of money on purchasing several harnesses at different stages of the dog’s growth. If you have an adjustable harness, you will fit the dog comfortably as it grows and you will not spend a lot of money on replacements. Chafing is a common problem that you can prevent if you have an adjustable harness. If you are not sure of the right size of harness for your dog, it is recommendable to take your dog to the store and get help from the store assistant.

    Opt for a suitable dog harness material. Some dogs’ skin are hypersensitive, and they might react to some materials. Consider a harness with a soft layer that prevents contact with the skin of the dog. In addition to the protective layer, it should be sturdy and durable to serve for a long period. It should have tough stitching, and the connectors should be made of metal or plastic.

    Consider the cost of the dog harness. Depending on the design and features of the dog harnesses, they are priced differently. The most expensive harness is not necessarily the best quality. To get the best deals of dog harnesses, take time to survey the market and compare their prices at different retail stores. For instance, search for online stores that sell pet accessories and compare their prices for dog harnesses. Beware of fake dog harnesses that might be expensive.

    Your dog might take a considerable period to get used to a new harness. It takes a short time to accept the harness and feel comfortable in it.

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